The Best Way To Save Online Forms

What’s the best way to save online forms? Whether it be an email, a comment on a blog or something else, it can be extremely frustrating when you lose what you type before sending it. Now, most modern browsers do a decent job of saving our details when it comes to address, telephone numbers etcetera. But, they are less than useless when it comes to comments and social media posts.

Yes, email clients now tend to save as we go, giving us a back up. There in case we accidentally leave the program. But sadly this is not the case across all sites. But handily, I have something that will help you. So next time someone asks you what’s the best way to save online forms, you can tell them that the answer is……….. plugins.

The first one I was going to show you was Simple Form Recovery for Chrome. However, it seems that the recent reviews are extremely negative on this one. Not only does it frequently not work, but even when it does, it works badly.

So let’s move on.

The Best Way To Save Online Forms

Clipboard 2 appears to be your best bet if you are on Chrome. Although it does not have the power to recover your online forms, it does do a whole lot more. It will save your entire clipboard history, allow you to save favorites and give you the chance to rollback any item. Brilliant to have when you are job hunting and have to go through the tedium of re-entering everything that’s already on your CV.

Textarea Cache Lite is for Firefox. This simple online form recovery program takes over from its predecessor Textarea Cache. It works by record your input into a text box and caching it for future use.

Lazarus Form Recovery is last up. This Chrome extension used to be everyone’s go to. Unfortunately though, it has not been updated since 2014. Meaning there are now problems with how it works. So your results may vary. My advice would be to install it and give it a try.




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