Social Media Image Sizes – Get Them Right

With the proliferation of social media, it’s quite a challenge setting them up with the same image and getting it to look right. Everyone knows that for you or your brand to be recognisable, it’s important to have a uniform look across social media. This can be difficult if you are using the same picture. You end up googling image sizes and then using an image editor to try and get the right dimensions. There is an easier way though. If you want to make sure your social media images sizes are right, across the board, I have the tools for you.

Today I am going to be sharing with you a couple of websites. They both feature easy solutions for social media images sizes. All you have to do is upload the picture, choose a preset and off you go.

First up is ap-social-media-image-maker. It caters to most major social media sites. Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, LinkedIn are all there. It does not however, have Instagram. Which is a shame. The layout is nice and easy to follow. You choose the social media site you wish to create an image for. Choose the picture attributes and then click create. Then you simply drag and drop a picture into the browser, adjust the crop and picture attributes and click apply. You can then choose to add filters and effects before downloading your picture.

It’s simple, intuitive and allows you to see your picture before you download it.

Social Media Image Sizes - Get Them Right

Next up we have Social Image Resizer Tool. This online tool does support Instagram. As well as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest. Although the overall look is not quite as polished as Social Image Media Maker, it does the job just as well. As long as you only want to crop your picture. That’s because unfortunately, it does not offer filters or effects.

Social Image Resizer Tool

Overall they are both great free tools for resizing your social media images. Best of all, they are both completely free! Now you never have to get stuck again for the right social media image sizes!

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