Pre configured VirtualBox Images for free

Just wanted to share a great website with you. Recently, I have been having to use a lot of virtual OS’s. This can be a bit of a time sink when you have to do it often. Having to configure each image is a pain. But here’s a tip. You can get pre configured Virtualbox images from a site called

The images available are all free and open source. So no Windows or OSX images. However, if you need to use Linux images or even Android images, they are there for you. They have great support in a guide and FAQ’s so it’s also great for those new to virtualisation.

OSBoxes: Pre configured VirtualBox Images

A word of caution for those wanting to have a go at installing a second operating system on VirtualBox. Make sure your pc has decent specifications and plenty of storage space. If not, you will struggle. I would recommend a bare minimum of a quad core system and 8 GB’s of RAM. I say this because you have to run your main system + the virtualized system. Meaning they would only get two cores each plus 4GB of RAM.

Oracle VirtualBox Images

Also, most operating systems need at least 50 – 100GB for installation, so plenty of space is needed. Especially if you are installing multiple operating systems. It can soon add up!

pre configured virtualbox images without

Having said all that, if your system does cut the mustard, give it a go. Those interested in computing will find a whole new world open to them. They will get to learn new systems and software and expand their knowledge base. Grab Oracle VM VirtualBox for free from HERE and then go to to grab an image.



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