Pointless websites to waste your day on

Whenever we make posts about websites, it’s usually to make people aware of really useful sites. Whether that be for productivity, learning, free resources or software. And we love it. It’s great to share something that people might not have known existed. But sometimes it’s fun to let your hair down. So for this article, let’s showcase some of the most pointless websites out there. They could be fun games, completely silly or downright bizarre. Let’s get started.

A leaf on the wind is first up. Where, you guessed it, you play a game as a leaf. The movement is very fluid and the game is brilliantly simple. Catch a falling green ball to multiply your score. I have to admit, I played this for far too long! A great way to waste time.

Pointless Websites - A Leaf On The Wind

Pointerpointer is next. The entire point of this site, is to locate your cursor on the screen and match it with a picture. The twist is, the picture will be pointing at your cursor. That’s it. It’s another that you will waste far too much time on.

Pointless Websites - PointerPointer

What would you rather is a series of increasingly silly questions. For example, the top question at the moment is this. Would you rather save the life of a starving african child or have a working lightsaber.

What would you rather

Hacker typer is just as it states. Start typing gibberish and it will make it look like you are trying to bypass security and break into a site. Looks cool and is a great way to freak out those less ‘techy’ friends of yours.

hacker typer

One tiny hand is a site to go to when you need to smile. It’s silly, fun and hilarious all at the same time. All it features are doctored (in the most part) pictures of people and animals with one tiny hand.

One Tiny Hand

Is California on fire is where to go if you want to know if California is on fire. To be fair, I have never ever seen it say anything but yes. And considering it’s updated constantly, that’s a worry. How can one place be so flammable?

Is California on fire

Find the invisible cow is a fun game. You basically move your cursor around the screen. As you get closer to the cow, the moo’s become faster. It’s a variation on the old hotter / colder game, but with a cow. Try it on expert mode for a real test.

Pointless Websites - Find the Invisible Cow

The world’s most exclusive website. Why? Well it’s free and there are no sign ups. But the catch is this. Only one person at a time is allowed on the site. Which means you could be waiting a while for your go.

Worlds most exclusive website

Drench. I love this game. It’s so simple but very addictive. All you have to do is get all the colors in a block to be the same color, in 30 moves.


How do vaccines cause autism. Everyone has that one friend, don’t they? You might only see the inane shit they post on social media, but occasionally they suck you into the argument. Rather than wasting your time trying to convince them with actual facts, just send them to this site. Then block them, cause who needs that noise in their life?

How do vaccines cause autism

Urlify is a link shortening tool. Which might sound far too useful to be included here. But this is no normal link shortener. This purposefully makes your links look shady. No, I have no idea why either. In the picture below, look what it changed Facebook into for an idea of its silliness rating.



How many people are in space right now. A fab resource for finding out how many people are in space at the moment. Cause everyone wants to know that, right? There is even an app for it.

People in Space

There you have it. 12 of the most pointless websites for you to waste your time on. Just don’t blame me if you don’t get your assignment in on time.

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