Nvidia Shield 2 Spotted

It seems that the successor to the Nvidia Shield has been spotted by an eagle-eyed person. The Nvidia Shield 2 has been confirmed because of certification documents over at the FCC. And lucky for us, this submission also includes pictures!

As you can see from the below pictures, the Nvidia Shield 2 uses the same controller as the first Shield. However, the screen is much larger than the original Shield’s 5 inch offering.

Nvidia Shield 2 Best

The new device looks great and from the measurements we can see that it will be slightly thicker than the old device. As for specifications, the only things that are confirmed in the documents are that it will use 5GHz Wi-Fi and a low consumption bluetooth module.

Nvidia Shield 2 Back

Photo’s of the Nvidia Shield 2 have also revealed that all the ports present on the first Shield will be there on the second. Which are the MicroSD slot, the headphone jack and a HDMI port.

There is however, no mention of power. It would be hoped that the new Shield will use the pascal chips. It would seem more likely that it will get a Tegra K1 though.

There was a rumor that the Shield 2 was going to release last year. Until, that is, a deal was done to supply the Switch. Whether that is true or not is pure speculation, but the fact these images were submitted 6 months ago points to a held back release. If this is released in the future with a pascal chip, it could become a great seller for Nvidia. Here’s hoping it happens!

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