Explore The Universe With Space Engine

Ever wanted to explore the cosmos? I think it’s a yearning for all of us. On a quiet clear night, our gaze is naturally drawn upwards, towards the heavens. We spend a lot of time wondering what’s out there. But it’s not looking like we will ever leave the bonds of this planet anytime soon. For instance, did you know that every single person alive who has walked on the moon, is now in their 80’s? I could not believe it either, but it’s true.

So if you want to get your fix of space exploration, there is only one solution. And it’s completely free.

Space Engine Trailer

Space Engine is a completely free space program that actually models the known universe. Yes, models it. So you can explore all of the known universe in its entirety. It uses astronomical data to make sure the game is correct. It includes millions of galaxies, trillions of stars, a ridiculous amount of planets and you can explore them all.

And a don’t just mean fly by them. No, with this amazing simulation, you can land on them too!

The list of features does not stop there either. Space Engine also includes nebulas, comets, moons and asteroids. You can pilot the spaceship yourself or stick it on autopilot, sit back and watch the journey unfold.

You might think that this would take a great deal of processing power to achieve. But the requirements for Space Engine are really small. All you need is a dual core processor and a really low-end graphics card. In fact, looking at the specs leads me to believe you could run this on any modern laptop from the last couple of years!

You can go check out Space Engine here. If you like it, leave a donation and spread the word on an amazing achievement.

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