Build Your Own Projector Screen

Obviously this one is for the DIY types out there. Building your own projector screen is going to involve tools. Which if you already own, makes the project worthwhile to do from a cost stand point. However, a pocket jig (such as used in the below video) can be a significant cost at around $60 for a decent one with all the bits you need. Then add in the wood and the screen material and you’re not really coming in much cheaper than a pre-made screen.

So why should you build your own projector screen? If it’s not cheaper and takes time to make, what’s the point? Really, there is only one reason why you would, because you can.

We all need hobbies and projects to keep our minds healthy. If you’re a hands on kind of person, this is a fun weekend project. DIYwithrick presents all the information well and the finished product looks amazing.

Build Your Own Projector Screen

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