4 Of The Best Free Screen Recording Solutions

Back in the dark old days, the best screen recording solutions were to either have free software with watermarks, pay to have the watermarks removed or buy a card that you had to install in your machine. Which cost a fortune.

Luckily though, we now have far more options when it comes to recording our screens. And here we have four of the very best screen recording solutions. Including one that’s even built-in, if you have Windows 10.

4 Of The Best Free Screen Recording Solutions

OBS Studio.

Open broadcaster software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. And simply put, it’s amazing. It’s open source, utterly and completely free and does not watermark your footage. OBS supported not only screen recording (with options for capturing only certain area, windows or screens) but also streaming as well. All in glorious HD. OBS can record direct from your graphics card, making in perfect for gamers as it can capture your games in full-screen mode. It also supports multi core processors too, meaning the hit your system takes is lower.

With streaming, you can stream live to both Twitch and Youtube and also save your footage for later. The only drawback to OBS (and it’s not really a drawback at all) is this. It’s incredibly detailed. To get it set up exactly how you like can take a while and learning all the features will take even longer.

FlashBack Express.

Flashback express markets itself as the best free screen recorder and to be fair, it’s right up there. It is aimed squarely at those wishing to make high quality demos and tutorials and is able to capture all or any part of your screen. With the ability to upload to Youtube, it makes it a great solution for those wanting to host video’s. Once you have finished recording your video, you get a simple edit suite to make any changes you need to make.

In the settings you can also make Flashback automatically obscure passwords, replace your wallpaper and hide your desktop icons. The only limitation on the free version is that you can only save to WMV files, which is a little disappointing.


EZvid is another great solution for those wanting to record their desktops. It features the ability to draw on the screen as you record, an easy to use video editor and a slide show maker. The program allows you to record up to 45 minutes of footage but there is one problem, you can’t save your videos and export them. You can only send them to Youtube for uploading. This is a huge mark against EZVid and while the program itself is excellent, I would personally love to see the ability to locally save your videos added.

Windows 10 Inbuilt Screen Recorder.

To start the built-in screen recorder, hold down the Windows key and press G. Simple as that. From here you can go into the options and settings, take a snapshot or record your screen. You have choices to record your microphone or not. But that’s about it. The app itself is part of the XBox app, so it also allows you to stream your games if you are signed in. You might not get all of the fancy options of the other three solutions but it does offer a very good if basic screen recording solution.

There we have it. 4 of the best free screen recording options for you. Think I have missed any better options? Let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others! 

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