19 Incredible Computer Facts You Didn’t Know

Computers today are completely ubiquitous. We take them completely for granted and forget just how much of a modern convenience they really are. And some of the computer facts out there are incredible. The fact that the first ever computer was built in 1822 by Charles Babbage is astounding! Check out the rest of these computer facts to learn more,

19 Incredible Computer Facts You Didn’t Know

1. The first ever electronic computer was ENIAC. It was housed at the University of Pennsylvania, weighed over 27 tons and took over up over 1800 square feet. Pitted against a run of the mill cellphone (not even a smart phone), ENIAC would lose, badly. A turn of the century cellphone has 1,300X the processing power.

2. Typewriter is the longest word you can write out on a computer keyboard without leaving the same row of keys.

3. US Nuclear missiles had the password 00000000 for over eight years.

4. Around 70% of virus’ ever written were done so under contract for an organisation.

5. In 1978, Apple Corps (Beatles publisher) sued Apple Computers for a trademark infringement. The case was settled with a win in Apple Corps favor for $80,000. With the condition that Apple Computers never enter the music business……………

6. Around 50% of all the vandalism done to articles on Wikipedia is stopped with a single computer program. This program has around a 90% accuracy rate.

7. For a computer to be as powerful as a human brain, it would need to be able to perform around 38 trillion operations a second. The world’s most powerful computer, BlueGene, can only manage .002% of that.

8. What do Apple, HP and Microsoft all have in common? Answer: They were all started in a garage.

9. In 1980 the first ever 1 GB hard drive was announced. It weighed in at a pretty hefty 500lbs and had a cost of $40,000!

10. The video below was the first ever entirely computer generated movie scene. It featured in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and the company that made it would go on to become Pixar.

11. In 1936, Russia managed to make a computer that ran on water.

12. In 1822, Charles Babbage created the difference engine. He was not taken seriously though and it was not until over 100 years later that computers started to appear again.

13. Douglas Engelbart is credited with creating the first ever mouse. He applied for a patent for it in 1967 and received it in 1970. He, however, never received any royalties for it. Oh, and the first mouse was made out of wood!

14. Normally, during the course of a day, you would blink on average 20 times a minute. However, while working at a pc, this rate drops down to 7 times a minute.

15. 12 engineers created the original IBM PC that all our desktops are based on. They were known as “The Dirty Dozen”.

16. A virus called MyDoom was the fastest spreading ever. It’s estimated that the damages from it cost over $38 Billion!

17. The first ever website to go live was info.cern.ch and it’s still there. It was created by Tim Berners Lee at CERN in 1990.

18. The website created to promote the movie SpaceJam is still up and has not changed since it launched. It’s a time capsule to mid-90’s site building.

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19. The first popular web browser was released in 1993 and was called Mosaic. It was discontinued in 1997.

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